Maritime Safety News Today – 5th February 2008

Ship collision kills 15 at Yangtze estuary
China Internet Information Center| – China
At least 15 people were killed and one was missing after two ships collided, sinking one at the estuary of the Yangtze River, the Shanghai Maritime 

SKorean fishing boat capsizes after collision, 1 dead, 2 missing
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Another fisherman was rescued after the pre-dawn accident when a 6.7-ton vessel was hit by a 29-ton fishing boat in waters about 39 kilometers east of 

Russia ship Kapitan Uskov has not called at any port of China

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, February 3 (Itar-Tass) The missing dry cargo ship Kapitan Uskov has not called at any port of China.

Searching for the ship, Chinese authorities examined all their harbors and officially informed Vladivostok’s rescue and coordination centre that the motor ship had not been found, a duty captain of the centre, Vladimir Yeroshkin, said.

He said ships that are sailing in the East China Sea are searching for The Kapitan Uskov, without result so far.

Five die in accident on troop carrier INS Jalashwa
Hindustan Times – India
“The Indian Navy regrets to inform the occurrence of an accident on board INS Jalshawa on the evening of Feb 1 while the ship was at sea,

Coast Guard rescues crew from sinking cargo ship

According to Coast Guard sources here today, the Indian Coast Guard personnel rescued the 17 crew members of the cargo ship ‘Sidhdhnath’ early today.

Ship rescued by tugs after power failure
News Shopper – UK
A ship which lost power came wandering across the Thames in a collision course with Gravesend until tugs manage to pull it back. Roll-on, roll-off vessel

Mariners killed in tug sinking mourned
CBC Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia,Canada
helicopter arrived on the scene, but rather than attempt to hoist them up, the crew of the chopper decided to wait for a nearby Coast Guard vessel.

Peru concerned about environmental damage after tank ship sinks
Xinhua – China
A tank ship exploded and sank off the coast of northwestern Peru, leaking oil into the sea. Fifteen people were injured in the accident.

Filipinos still run Nigeria risk
Safety at Sea – London,England,UK
MANILA 1 February – While Philippine regulations forbid Filipino seafarers, for their own safety, from joining ships in Nigerian ports, some manning agents

Claim not binding on insurance company upon suppression of facts
Business Standard – Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
The company repudiated the claim of the vessel owners and the bank on the ground that the vessel was not seaworthy and the Master of the ship had no


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