The Case Of The Unfamiliar Mariner

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6 Responses to The Case Of The Unfamiliar Mariner

  1. Thank you for an excellent documentary.

    John K Lindgren


    Ex mariner who stumbled in by through the porthole by accident
    a good accident…

    Panta rei

  2. Bob Couttie says:

    Many thanks, I hope you’ll tell some of your seafarer friends about it!

  3. 2/M Joseph D. Aguilar says:

    Dear Bob,

    Many thanks for publishing this accident report, As a mariner and an instructor. This is a shocking truth that every mariner should know and learn. The death and nigthmare experience of those people should be changing lesson and must not be forgatten, that such case of leadership and ship management should not be tolerated onboard ship. But I’m affraid that up to now I still hear cases of the same attitude and leadership onboard from the testimonies of my trainees. As an Instructor this case will be shared to every seafarer that will enter my classroom and will be remembered.

    For a safe ships and happy life at sea.


  4. Kenneth Yeung says:

    The owner, Odfjell Asia, what did they do ? They are still operating the business with the same kind of crew management ?

  5. Kenneth Yeung says:

    Can anyone assist with an explanation as to how ethanol is loaded on board a chemical tanker – is it by simple gravity discharge from shore side pipelines or shore side pumps ?

  6. spyridon l says:

    hi im student on maritime business course.
    Please, how can i get ”The Case of the Unfa­mil­iar Mariner”??
    Its very important for me because the subject of my dissertation is about ”shipboard familiarisation”.
    So if some one already have it please can forward that to me.
    Many regards

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